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The new age of farming is here! Not the typical farming game or simulator you will find anywhere else.

iGrow Game is a single player cannabis growing game for windows PC. It's 3D and in a first person perspective.

Set in a grimy UK tower block, you will be able to:

- Unlock and grow over 30 different strains of cannabis.

- Unlock and buy containers, hydroponics, lights, reflectors and fan systems.

- Grow up to 8 plants per room.

- Buy over 30 rooms in each generated account.

- Sell your cannabis to build up your weed growing empire!

Try the free demo and play till you are level 3.

For more information about iGrow Game. Please visit http://igrowgame.co.uk

iGrow Game has been on steam greenlight for a few months and with a great response. This sale is almost a fundraising event, attempting to gain votes and awareness. So grab your copy and help get igrow game on steam by voting yes! (if iGrow game get's on steam you will receive a steam key!)

iGrow Game is now officially on steam.


*Game is now only available through steam

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